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Flora Monacelli Avatar
I scheduled a historical and architectural boat tour for my partner and I on 6/19/24. At the end of the tour, my partner proposed! Manny, Dylan, Austin, and Edgar helped to make that moment wonderfully surreal and memorable. We enjoyed the historical and architectural tour so much that we returned that evening for the fireworks cruise. They had live music that evening, and we enjoyed dancing after the spectacular fireworks display from Navy Pier. Truly a magical night. Thanks to the Fireboat Crew for helping make it so!
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Flora M. 7/07/2024
Erich Heidelberger Avatar
This was such a a great tour. Our tour guide Cliff was so much fun and full of information on the history and architecture of Chicago. Manny the bar tender was great and so was the rest of the crew. They could not have made the experience any better. This was a spur of the moment decision to come and I'm so glad we did. Would recommend this trip over any of the other tour boats because the boat itself is an old Chicago fireboat and part of Chicago history.
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Erich H. 7/06/2024
Matt Naish Avatar
Great trip! If you are like me, visiting Chicago and searching through all the different river boat cruise options, it can be hard to figure it all out. While I can't speak to any other operators I can say that Chicago Fireboat Tours was awesome. It's a little off the beaten path but I thought that added to the experience as it's a beautiful short walk along the lake front to their location. I also think taking a tour on a piece of living history of Chicago - their boat was an operational fireboat in the past - adds tremendously to the experience. Why go on another boat? Oh, and our guide, Austin, was amazing!
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Matt N. 7/03/2024
Michelle Lyn Peterson Avatar
Highly recommended! We took teenagers and grandparents along. We all enjoyed the tour and Austin did a fantastic job, we learned a lot and will not forget this trip. If you are debating between a bus or a boat tour of Chicago this is by far the best option from personal experience.
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Michelle L. 7/02/2024
Kelly Lawson Avatar
Great experience! Loved going through the locks. Learned great history of Chicago. Beautiful views of lake and Chicago landmarks. Our tour guide was Clint and he was amazing! Loved the smaller more intimate experience and that the boat is part of Chicago history.
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Kelly L. 7/02/2024
Vicki Rodriguez Avatar
Had a great time! Crew was knowledgeable and even tried to assist me with my phone issues. Loved that it went through the locks, didn’t go as far down the river as some but the locks were worth it.
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Vicki R. 7/02/2024
Maria Rohloff Avatar
We absolutely loved it!!! I took my 4 year old grandsons and they had a ball from beginning to end. From the lady who took my ticket order, to the crew of the ship, everyone was just wonderful! Austin was a wonderful guide! Funny and very well informed! A great way to spend the morning!!!!
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Maria R. 7/02/2024
Rebecca Belenky Avatar
Highly recommend this tour! Austin and Captain Bob were both informative and told the information in a way that kept you engaged and mixed in some laughs. We had a great time and were definitely glad we chose this tour as opposed to a different company.
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Rebecca B. 6/25/2024
Grace Chang Avatar
The tour was so cool! It was 2 hours long and we started on Lake Michigan, went through the locks, and proceeded through the River. We got to hear about the history of the Fireboat and the diverse and unique architecture throughout Chicago's neighborhoods. Our tour guide, Austin, was friendly, fun, and extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend this for any visitor wanting to know about the history of Chicago!
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Grace C. 6/25/2024
Victor Chang Avatar
Excellent! Fantastic tour with lots of explanation of the history of the buildings, Lake Michigan, and surrounding structures and areas. Austin was a superb tour guide. We truly enjoyed it. I highly recommend this tour!!
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Victor C. 6/25/2024
Peter Moore Avatar
Great time, done it 2 years in a row. Cliff provided the facts and Manny the drinks.
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Peter M. 6/25/2024
Kristina Bullock Avatar
I absolutely loved the Fireboat Architecture tour. I took my son and he loved the boat experience and I loved learning about Chicago's history. Highly recommend!
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Kristina B. 6/25/2024
Aamir Pervez Avatar
I had wonderful experience on the boat. It was truly amazing and beautiful. I love the every second I was on the boat. My Team arrange an amazing trip for me we drink juices and share beautiful memories together. We saw some great scenes from boat, saw the downtown skyscrapers 🏙️ , navy pier and beautiful lake ❤️ I will highly recommend to visit with them and enjoy your trip ☺️
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Aamir P. 6/18/2024
Filipe Osorio Avatar
Super fun tour on an historical boat, with not too many people onboard. The staff is friendly and the guide, Austin, is absolutely hilarious - what a great narrative and refined humor. Obrigado, merci and dank u wel!
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Filipe O. 6/11/2024
Fort Colette Avatar
Excellent, funny and interesting guide on a cute authentic fireboat. Highly recommend
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Fort C. 6/09/2024
Sarah Spurrier Avatar
Very knowledgeable tour guides and friendly staff. Cliff was great!
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Sarah S. 6/09/2024
Hannah Campbell Avatar
Amazing tour!!
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Hannah C. 6/09/2024
Živan Stojanović Avatar
Our tour guide "Cliff" was incredibly knowledgeable and enjoyable to listen to. Exploring both the river and the lakefront was a delightful experience.
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Živan S. 6/09/2024
Nik Kingman Avatar
Austin is the best! He made it feel like we were boating around Chicago with a close friend.
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Nik K. 6/09/2024
Ivy W Avatar
Hands down the best lake/river tour. I have brought 3 groups of guests here and the tour never failed to impress. I got a good deal too through Groupon.
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Ivy W. 6/09/2024
Jen Reichmuth Avatar
This was the perfect way to see the city and Cliff was an awesome guide. Best boat tour we’ve done in Chicago - would recommend to anyone!
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Jen R. 6/09/2024
Rachel Avatar
Had a great time! Our guide, Cliff, was the best.
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Rachel 6/09/2024
washington almeida Avatar
muito bom
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washington a. 6/09/2024
Brenda Ashley Avatar
A great experience for everyone! Very informative.
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Brenda A. 6/09/2024
Engine Company 343 Photography Alex Avatar
Was a great experience, Austin was Super friendly super funny and entertaining, I would Highly Recommend this experience to anyone who loves history, it's just a awesome experience in general, it is worth it Austin was also super awesome, he was a other reason for this boat ride to be great For anyone else to know, if you want a free drink on board bring some fire patches to trade, they have a awesome collection and anyone can get a free drink for a trade of patch and it helps for their awesome collection
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Engine C. 6/09/2024
Victor Sanchez Avatar
Absolutely amazing!! A must see and ride tour!! The tour guide was clear, funny and got you into the mood. BTW - they also have a bar onboard…
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Victor S. 6/09/2024
Sheila W Avatar
The tour was great, including the weather. I was glad their was seating available inside and outside in the event it rained. Luckily it didn't and I got to relax and feel some of that good WINDY CITY BREEZE! You can bring food aboard and sit comfortably with your guests too. Fireboat offers a nice ride and some intriguing information if your not a Chicago native and want to coast 😀 looking forward to more boat rides.
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Sheila W. 6/09/2024
Kathy Van Nevel Avatar
The Fireboat Tours was the best architectural tour I’ve been on. What made it the best was Austin our tour guide. He was so knowledgeable about Chicago’s history and kept the tour engaging. I recommend this tour to anyone!
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Kathy V. 6/09/2024
Robert Henry Avatar
Awesome tour up the Chicago river from the Harbor. Great views of the Chicago Skyline from the Harbor. You will see features of the buildings that you miss from the street! Veteran owned and as a fellow Veteran this business is a must support and you will not see the bay from any tours that start on the Chicago River!
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Robert H. 6/09/2024
Tasha Gorel Avatar
Loved our Fireboat tour with Austin! He not only knows so much about the city’s history, architecture, and current events, but he is also so entertaining to listen to. The bar on the boat was an extra plus!
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Tasha G. 6/09/2024
Lilli Constanze Kensche Avatar
Absolut empfehlenswert! Durch Zufall sind wir auf dieses beeindruckende Boot und die überaus freundliche Crew gestoßen. Cliff ist der Showmaster und macht seinen Job mit Herzblut und Humor. Die gesamte Crew ist hilfsbereit und freundlich. Als der Barkeeper hörte, dass wir aus Deutschland kommen, kramte er ein Guten Tag hervor. Das Schiff hat seine eigene beeindruckende Geschichte, die man sich am besten - neben allen anderen Geschichten der Stadt und der Gebäude - von Cliff erzählen lässt 😃
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Lilli C. 5/09/2024
Alex Hodgson Avatar
Wow! Easily our favourite boat tour in Chicago. More small and intimate experience so able to ask questions yet still very informative. Next time we are in Chicago we will make sure to find time for another tour! Thank you for making our short trip memorable.
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Alex H. 5/09/2024
Hannah Trucano Avatar
Austin was great!
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Hannah T. 5/09/2024
Lymari Rodriguez Avatar
I highly recommend this tour boat, Cliff the tour guy was awesome and funny.
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Lymari R. 5/09/2024
Very Peaceful for a morning jogging from Chicago River to Michigan Lake. I like my own planned jogging tour to know this city.
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MINGCHE C. 5/09/2024
Yasser Aref Avatar
Nice tour. Austin, the guide, was great (and of course the whole crew) Let you discover parts of Chicago you would not see on foot. Recommended.
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Yasser A. 5/09/2024
Bryan Buie Avatar
Austin was the friendliest and most informative tour guide. Highly recommended and such a great value! You get to ride a historical boat once used in Chicago's fireboat fleet too.
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Bryan B. 5/09/2024
P Edwards Avatar
This was such a wonderful tour for our entire family! Our tour guide Cliff was so knowledgeable and kind. We greatly appreciate it and look forward to doing their fireworks boat tour on the lake!!!
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P E. 5/09/2024
Rob Steedley Avatar
Took the tour with Ed. What a great trip! I learned so much! I would do it again.
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Rob S. 5/09/2024
Lisa Hoelz Avatar
I have had a great time on that tour! Austin, our tour guide, was amazing and so knowledgeable! I am usually not one to be interested in history but he had a lot of fun facts about Chicago that made it such a great tour! I even remembered some facts about the tour after the tour was over, so that says a lot! If you want to have a great time, you should check out Chicago Fireboat Tours! And hopefully you will have Austin as a guide too! He was super friendly and friendly enthusiastic about the city!
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Lisa H. 5/09/2024
Laura Carpenter Avatar
Loved this tour of Chicago from the water! Being in a retired fire boat felt very authentic. The history and architecture details and stories were excellent as well. Great choice for anyone in Chicago!
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Laura C. 5/09/2024
Silvia Micha Avatar
An very exciting tour with lots of interesting information and a great crew.
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Silvia M. 5/09/2024
Levi Smothers Avatar
Super friendly. Cliff was a great guide and awesome atmosphere. They even had fire extinguishers for kids to shoot water from the boat. Wonderful experience and would differently do it again.
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Levi S. 5/09/2024
Natalia R Avatar
They are the BEST!!! Can’t compare to other tours. Smaller groups, amazing bartender, beautiful boat, and a nice covered seating area.
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Natalia R. 5/09/2024
Jennifer Scales Avatar
An awesome tour! The ride was smooth & the guide was interesting & engaging - a great start to our girls trip!
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Jennifer S. 4/09/2024
Sonja Winnett Avatar
Great, informative tour down the Chicago river of the different areas, history and architecture. Bar on board. Definitely recommend
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Sonja W. 4/09/2024
Becca B Avatar
Literally had the best experience on this tour! The owner was so kind to work with us after we got lost initially and we were so pleased with the experience. Our tour guide was full of interesting information, he was personable and funny. The views were unmatched and the boat had heated areas that made it comfortable even in the chilly day. I can’t wait to bring my family back when they visit!
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Becca B. 4/09/2024
Michelle Schwartz Avatar
A unique way to experience Chicago. Our tour guide Austin was great, knowledgeable and funny. Had a fantastic time.
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Michelle S. 4/09/2024
James Gadacz Avatar
Fireboat tours is an excellent experience. The Owner/ Captain Erich Totsch was a Incredible Host. The tour was well run, catered perfectly.. The History of the Boat, the Dedicated Service of Erich to our country as a Navy Veteran fit hand in glove. His Deck Hands were Friendly and Accommodating. Highly recommend Fireboat Tours. Thank you very much Erich and crew. Jim Gadacz (Retired Firefighter) South Bend Indiana
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James G. 4/09/2024
Keno Avatar
We enjoyed the architecture tour a lot - all of the team members were incredibly friendly and the tour was interesting. Drinks were good too. Family friendly experience.
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Keno 4/09/2024
Madison Gabriel Avatar
great show for a retired firefighter
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Madison G. 3/09/2024
Robell McMiller Avatar
What a great group of people. Please take a, drink and great people. Don't miss the experience this summer. Take the family!!!!
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Robell M. 3/09/2024
Renalda Capers Avatar
Awesome tour. Austin was a great tour guide!
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Renalda C. 3/09/2024
Shawn J. Conway Avatar
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Shawn J. 2/09/2024
Khatam Zafar Avatar
Amazing 👏
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Khatam Z. 2/09/2024
Doree Bardes Avatar
Despite it being a bit cloudy and chilly, I really enjoyed the tour. Our guide, Austin, was funny and full of knowledge, and gave an entertaining presentation. The boat was very clean, well-maintained and ably handled by Captain Ray. I'd go again, and recommend it to anyone visiting Chicago - there's no better way to see the fantastic variety of architecture this beautiful city offers!
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Doree B. 11/09/2023
Dallas Baker Avatar
Great Tour and guide
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Dallas B. 11/09/2023
manny soriano Avatar
alot of Historical photos on the Boat, Beautiful weather, friendly staff. took my Mom in Sept. 2021 & my girlfriend in May 2023. Every time was Awesome !!!
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manny s. 11/09/2023
Victor Jimenez Avatar
A great way to see Chicago, and the staff, especially the tour guide, is professional, courteous and knowledgeable.
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Victor J. 11/09/2023
christian ambrose Avatar
Excellent tour. Austin was fantastic and one of four extremely good looking crew members.
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christian a. 11/09/2023